Upcoming EventsEdit

Date (Ocean) Event - Prize
This month Template:All December Not-Daily Doodles 2012! - Win Shiny Sun Points!
Dec 8 Template:Ocean1 The Olive 77 Race - Win an Island!
Dec 9 Template:All Swordfighting Tournament - Win a Grey /Purple Parrot!
Dec 13 Template:Ocean3 Splice the mainbrace! - Pillage with an OM!
Dec 14 Template:All Drinking Tournament - Win a Purple Octopus!
Register by Dec 14 Template:All Brigand Bash - Win a custom furnished Crew Hall!
Dec 14-16 Template:All The Ocean Master Lucky Dip - One weekend only!
Dec 15 Template:All Gunning, Patching, Navigation Competition - Win an Aqua Octopus!
Dec 15 Template:All Limited Edition Portrait Background - New Year Edition!
Dec 18 Template:All Weaving Competition - Win a Maroon/Light Green Parrot!
Dec 20 Template:Ocean2 Splice the mainbrace! - Pillage with an OM!
Dec 21 Template:Ocean3 That Tickled's Christmas Ball - Tournaments, gift giving and good company!
Dec 22 Template:All Treasure Drop Tournament - Win a White/Red Parrot!
Dec 22 Template:Ocean2 Last Man Standing Puzzle Competition - Win a million PoE!
Dec 30 Template:All Rumble Tournament - Win a Red Monkey!
Dec 31 Template:All EVERY. SINGLE. PUZZLE. Competition - Win a Grey Monkey!

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